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@@ -5,27 +5,3 @@ Twitter Bootstrap for GWT is a widget library for Google Web Toolkit(GWT).
Right now , Our team help to [gwt-bootstrap](
Maybe we stop developing bootstrap4gwt until gwt-bootstrap is released.
-##build for library
-mvn clean compile
-##build with sample
-mvn -Pfor-sample clean compile
-* download
- * !Caution! Now this file is early-access(SNAPSHOT) version.
-* adding <code>&lt;inherits name="com.appspot.bootstrap4gwt.Bootstrap"/&gt;</code> in your module xml
-* If you need use in UiBinder,adding <code>xmlns:b="urn:import:com.appspot.bootstrap4gwt.client.ui"</code> in root of ui.xml
-* load bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js in module html or module xml (*.gwt.xml).<br>
-(Please download bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js yourself at
- * ex.<br>
- in html. <code>&lt;link rel="stylesheet" href="./assets/css/bootstrap.css"&gt;</code><br>
- in module xml. <code>&lt;stylesheet src="/assets/css/bootstrap.css"/&gt;</code>
-##sample code
-If you need more sample,you see sample directory.It's demo site code.

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