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Otaru is a cloud-backed filesystem for archiving your files. Otaru is optimized for storing personal collection of 10MB-10GB-ish files, such as book scan pdfs and disk image dumps.

For more details, see Design Doc

Quick Start

Build otaru inside Docker container

Building otaru takes a bit of time (Approx 6 min. with decent internet connection). You may want to start building while doing other setup.

$ git clone && cd otaru
$ docker build -t otaru .
$ docker run -ti --rm -v `pwd`/out:/out otaru

Configure Google Cloud Platform

  • Access Google Cloud Console, and have a project ready (preferrably not the default "API Project").
  • Enable Cloud Datastore and Cloud Storage for the project.
  • Allow the following API usage from "APIs & auth" -> "APIs":
    • Google Cloud Datastore API
    • Google Cloud Storage API
    • Google Cloud Storage JSON API
  • Create two new buckets to store Otaru blobs/metadata. You can create new bucket from "Storage" -> "Cloud Storage" -> "Browser".
    • Otaru supports using separate bucket for storing metadata, which is accessed more frequently compared to blobs.
    • Blob bucket may be any of Standard, Durable Reduced Availability, or Nearline. However, it is recommended to store metadata in Standard class bucket.
    • Metadata bucket name must be blob bucket name + "-meta" suffix. For example, if your bucket for storing blobs is named otaru-foobar, metadata bucket must be named otaru-foobar-meta.

Create {config,password} file

$ mkdir ~/.otaru # You may change this dir to any dir you want, but a new directory is needed as otaru has multiple config files to keep.
$ cp doc/config.toml.example ~/.otaru/config.toml
$ $EDITOR ~/.otaru/config.toml # replace placeholders
$ echo [your-password] > ~/.otaru/password.txt # configure encryption key

Setup Google Cloud SDK

Install Google Cloud SDK

Install gcloud command per instructions:

Enable Alpha/Beta commands

$ gcloud components update alpha beta

Authenticate gcloud tool

$ gcloud auth login

Create and configure service account

$ export account=otaru-user
$ export project=$(gcloud config get-value core/project)
$ gcloud iam service-accounts create ${account}
$ gcloud iam service-accounts keys create ~/.otaru/credentials.json --iam-account ${account}@${project}
$ gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding ${project} --member serviceAccount:${account}@${project} --role "roles/datastore.owner"
$ gsutil -m acl ch -r -u ${account}@${project} gs://${bucket}
$ gsutil -m acl ch -r -u ${account}@${project} gs://${bucket}-meta

Generate self-signed cert+key for quick testing.

Otaru requires TLS for its WebUI and api server. Below command will generate self-signed X.509 certificate and key pair at ~/.otaru/cert{,-key}.pem:

$ go get -u -v{,json}
$ OTARUDIR=~/.otaru scripts/gen_self_signed_cert.bash

Warning: Use the generated self-signed certificates only for quick testing purposes, not for production.

Setup Google Cloud Datastore index, and verify Google Cloud Storage settings

$ OTARUDIR=~/.otaru scripts/gcloud_setup.bash


$ OTARUDIR=~/.otaru out/otaru-mkfs
$ OTARUDIR=~/.otaru out/otaru-server

Navigate to http://localhost:10246 for webui.


Store 10MB-10GB-ish personal files on cloud




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