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A ClojureScript façade for the D3 JavaScript DOM-manipulation library
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        _   _                  _  _____ 
   ___ | | (_) ___          __| ||___ / 
  / __|| | | |/ __| _____  / _` |  |_ \ 
 | (__ | | | |\__ \|_____|| (_| | ___) |
  \___||_|_/ ||___/        \__,_||____/ 

 Data driven documents, now with more Lisp!


This library has been depreciated in favor of C2, a pure-Clojure data visualization library for the server and the browser.

Cljs-d3 is a ClojureScript façade for the D3 JavaScript DOM-manipulation library. It transparently coerces ClojureScript data types into the appropriate JavaScript objects and provides a more Clojure-like API to some of the D3 functions:

(ns sample.scatterplot
  (:require [cljs-d3.scale :as scale]
            [cljs-d3.tooltip :as tooltip])
  (:use [cljs-d3.core :only [d3 select selectAll append style attr data enter
                             on event]]))

(defn rand [] ((.random js/Math)))

(let [Width       300 ;;Width in pixels
      n           100 ;;Number of data
      scale       (scale/linear :domain [0 1] :range [0 Width])

      sample-data (for [_ (range n)]
                    {:x (rand)
                     :y (rand)
                     :class (if (> (rand) 0.5)
                              "A" "B")})

      scatterplot (-> d3 (select "#example")
                          (append "svg:svg")
                          (style {:border "2px solid darkGray"
                                  :border-radius 8})
                          (attr {:width  Width
                                 :height Width}))

      points      (-> scatterplot
                          (selectAll "circle.num")
                          (data sample-data)
                          (enter)(append "svg:circle")
                          (attr {:class "num"
                                 :r 5
                                 :fill #(condp = (:class %)
                                            "A" "darkRed"
                                            "B" "darkBlue")
                                 :cx #(scale (:x %))
                                 :cy #(scale (:y %))}))]

For more details and examples, see


This project is very much an experiment, and things will shuffle around a lot while we figure out how to dress up D3/JavaScript with Clojure-like syntax and semantics. The low-level bindings to D3 are relatively stable (the -> threading macro, (attr) and (style) map literal expansion and anonymous functions), but we're having trouble with many of D3's statistical helper functions like d3.layout.histogram(). These require lots of type-coercions between Clojure's map and sequences and JavaScript's Object, and it's not immediately clear where to put them; sometimes you want to give the histogram to D3 (which requires JS types) and sometimes you want to handle it from ClojureScript.


Checkout the repository,

mkdir vendor
git submodule add vendor/cljs-d3

And then add the sources to your classpath. If you are using cake, for instance, open up <your project>/.cake/config and add the line

project.classpath = vendor/cljs-d3/src/clj:vendor/cljs-d3/src/cljs

And then in your ClojureScript files just

(:require [cljs-d3.core :as d3])

Experimentation / Development

If you want to work on cljs-d3 itself or just want a sandbox to play in, this repository has everything you need. First run

git submodule update --init

to get D3 and the ClojureScript compiler as git submodules, then bootstrap-install Clojurescript:

cd vendor/clojurescript

and add its jars to your classpath. This repository includes a .cake/config with the appropriate path.

Then you can use the compile.clj script to compile ClojureScript examples, which you can view locally:

cake run compile.clj samples/scatterplot.cljs
google-chrome resources/public/index.html

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcome; if you want to discuss something before you code it up, feel free to open an issue or send me a github msg.


We are writing façades as we need them, so some D3 functions may be missing. If you want something, please send us a note or pull request.

The author (Kevin Lynagh) is giving a talk about this library and ClojureScript/JavaScript integration in general at Clojure Conj November 10--12, 2011 in Raleigh, NC.


Mike Bostock for D3 and the Clojure core team for their rad work on Clojure(Script).

This project is sponsored by Keming Labs, a technical design studio specializing in data visualization.

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