Tools for testing SO_LINGER
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About linger-tools:

The tools here were written to carry out cross-platform testing of the SO_LINGER socket option. You will find the results of our tests in the following blog posts:

Our primary motivation for releasing the code is so that others can replicate the tests we carried out or test against new platforms.

About the licensing:

The source code licensing here is a bit of a mess. The server tools, linger-server.c and win-linger-server.c, are released under the LGPLv3, and the client tool, linger-client.c, is released under the AGPLv3.

The code was developed for in-house research and in the process we borrows snippets of code from Michael Kerrisk's book, The Linux Programming Interface [2010]. In honouring the terms his code was released under we ended up with the aforementioned jumble of licenses.