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Apps providing new visualizations to Open Legislation data.
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Open Legislation

Bill Diff

Transcript parsing


Open Legislation Site

Open Legislation Codebase

API Documentation

Alternative Leg Info - onsite and offsite

Bill Diff

Example Bills

Simple Bill S1234-2011 (API XML)

BIll with version in Assembly & senate S70A-2011 (API XML) = A3030A-2011 (API XML)

BIll with Amendment S39-2011 (API XML) -> S39A-2011 (API XML)

Front-end Meta of a Bill

Same as:

A sister bill in the Assembly 


Amendments to the bill as it progresses

Sponsor / Co-sponsor(s):

"Owner" of the bill


Organization in charge or vetting the bill

Law Section:

What the bill will modify


The specific law that will be modified


Actions taken to the bill


Bill Text:

Body of the bill

API updates


oid <bill number>-<year>

otype bill

osearch <bill number> <sameas> <sponsor> <summary> <title>

actclause The bill act clause

actions Contains the text for all the bill’s previous actions.

committee The name of the current committee holding the bill.

cosponsors Contains the short names of all bill cosponsors.

full The full text of the bill.

lawsection The lawsection of the bill, i.e. General Business Law.

memo The bill memo.

pastcommittees Contains the names of all the bills past committees.

sameas Specifies the id of the bill’s sister document. Senate bills introduced in the assembly and visa versa.

previousVersions A bit broken currently, cuts off the trailing number :-/

sponsor The short name of the bill sponsor.

stricken Boolean value indicating if the bill has been stricken.

summary The bill summary text.

title The bill title.

year The bill session year (2009, 2011, etc.)

Transcript Parsing

Example Transcripts

Simple Transcripts regular session 02-29-2012 (API XML)

Long Transcripts regular session 06-20-2012 (API XML)

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