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T-SQL Flex

T-SQL Flex is a scripting productivity tool for SQL Server Management Studio that uses the Red Gate SIP Framework. It is intended for use on non-production servers only.

T-SQL Flex can script out the returned schema and data of any T-SQL query simply and with high accuracy. It can also export the data to the XML spreadsheet format which can be opened in Excel without having messed-up date formatting or losing leading zeros; multiple result sets are automatically placed on multiple worksheets. It can also export the result of queries to properly-escaped CSV files.

T-SQL Flex is compatible with SQL Server Management Studio 2008 and higher, and requires .NET 3.5 on the server running SSMS. T-SQL Flex can be used when connecting to SQL Server 2000 as long as SSMS 2008 or higher is used; Note that the generated T-SQL scripts will only be compatible with SQL Server 2008 and higher.


To install T-SQL Flex:

Follow the instructions here.

For Support

Please either create issues on GitHub, or reach out to Steve on Twitter at @nycdotnet.

Patch notes:

  • v0.2.1-beta (2016-07-13):
    • Fixed scripting of TIME to XML Spreadsheet (no longer crashes)
    • Improved scripting of TIME to SQL scripts - can include up to 7 digits of scale.
    • Improved scripting of DATETIME2 to SQL scripts - now includes scale number if relevant.
  • v0.2.0-beta (2016-09-23):
    • Implemented new script as C# feature.
    • Many behind-the-scenes code improvements.
    • Added escaping for several SQL keywords.
    • Updated to work with NUnit 3 and RedGate SIP FW
  • v0.1.0-beta (2015-05-07):
    • Reverted to use .NET 3.5 to restore compatibility with SSMS 2008.
    • Added CSV export feature! T-SQL Flex can now export the results of any set of queries to properly-escaped CSV files that open correctly in Excel or any text editor.
    • Added a handful of additional T-SQL keywords.
    • Removed "This is alpha software" warning. Beta 1 will likely have only minimal further changes prior to the v1.0 release of T-SQL Flex.
  • v0.0.11-alpha (2015-01-23):
    • Updated to use .NET 4.5 - this version is now required to run T-SQL Flex.
    • Improved scripter to continuously increment the "#Result" table number to prevent conflicts in a session.
    • Fixed lockup of SSMS when switching between database servers. (#33)
    • Fixed missing column header for anonymous columns in Excel export (#29)
    • Added WEIGHT, TARGET, and NONE as T-SQL keywords.
    • Implemented improved logging.
  • Older patch notes are available here.

Debugging an add-in:

Build checklist

  • Compiles and all tests pass.
  • Checked-in to master branch on GitHub.
  • Updated version in both AssemblyInfo.cs files.
  • Build in release mode, switch the registry to use release mode, and test it out.
  • Run .\Deploy\prepDeploy.ps1
  • Zip up the DLLs with the license, README, and installation instructions (rename all to .txt) and post to GitHub.
  • Add a screenshot via GitHub and edit the README and release FAQ.
  • Chocolatey
    • Quit SSMS.
    • edit .nuspec with version and patch notes.
    • edit chocolateyInstall.ps1 with new GitHub release URL.
    • Run from admin powershell (under TSqlFlex\Chocolatey):
      • cpack
      • cinst tsqlflex -source $pwd -pre ( use -force if already installed)
      • cuninst tsqlflex
    • cpush tsqlflex.VERSION_NUMBER.nupkg (you can type cpush .\t<tab>)


An addon for SSMS using the Red Gate SIP Framework



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