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This page intends to list the services "hosted" on NYC Mesh and available directly to NYC Mesh members. Some may be available only to NYC Mesh members while some may as well be available from the Internet via a Public IP address (or through Public DNS)

They are different type of services. Some are network specific or meant for devices, such as DNS or NTP, others are more people oriented such as an email server or video chat server.

If you do host a service that you would like to make available to the Mesh Community please let us know so we can add it here.

You can also discuss services on our slack channel #mesh-services

Network services

NYC Mesh services

It is a free file host hosted on sn3. Anyone can get 10G of free storage. It can support around ~25 users for now.
"I choose Nextcloud because it is very user friendly, and there is a nice mobile app, and desktop sync app. I have also enabled contacts + calendar sync. I use it myself coz i want to rely on other services less; to be more autonomous :)"

Projects: Services that are in development...

Contact @George on slack who is working on a chat app