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NYC Planning

The Department of City Planning (DCP) is New York City’s primary land use agency.


  1. labs-community-profiles labs-community-profiles Public

    A site for exploring indicators, data, and information for NYC community districts

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  2. labs-zola labs-zola Public

    NYC Planning's Zoning and Land Use App

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  3. labs-factfinder labs-factfinder Public

    New York City Census Reporting Tool

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  4. labs-streets labs-streets Public

    The City Map is the official adopted map of the city. It shows the location, dimension and grades of streets, parks, public places, and certain public easements.

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  5. data-engineering data-engineering Public

    Primary repository for NYC DCP's Data Engineering team

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  6. python-geosupport python-geosupport Public

    Forked from ishiland/python-geosupport

    Python bindings for NYC Geosupport Desktop

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