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A tool to list and extract files from the Heroes of the Storm CASC (Content Addressable Storage Container) archives.

This package is BOTH a command-line application AND a NodeJS add-on module! You can compile this project as a command-line application if you just need some basic functionality. You may also compile this as a NodeJS module if you need to access the data programmatically.


The decision to only write directly to disk rather than buffer the contents and return to Node was made early on, for two reasons.

  1. The time it takes to find a particular file is rather long (seconds), and there's little to no practical reason to retrieve a file, close the archive, and then perform this process over again, when you can just extract all the files you need during a single opening of the archive and save to disk.

  2. Some files tip the scales coming in at over 120+MB, there is no practical way to pass this file back to Node via a buffer, nor store it within an array in C. Additionally, there is little point to making exceptions for certain files.

Cross-platform Compatability

The NodeJS module should work on all platforms.

The CLI works on MacOS X and Linux. I have neither the time nor the resources to build, compile or test on Windows. Sorry. Feel free to submit a pull- request. A day before I started this project I had no idea how to go about building C++ applications into node. I have faith that you can too.


The following libraries are necessary to build storm-extract:

To download the CascLib submodule, do:

~$ cd <path/to/the/source/of/storm-extract>
storm-extract$ git submodule init
storm-extract$ git submodule update


Command-Line Application

Requires cmake to build:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake <path/to/the/source/of/storm-extract>
$ make

The executable will be put in build/bin/

NodeJS Module

If you already have node-gyp, just install the module:

$ npm install -g storm-extract

Requires NodeJS and node-gyp to build:

$ npm install -g node-gyp
$ npm install storm-extract


Command-Line Application

storm-extract v1.0.1
  Usage: storm-extract [options]

This program can list and optionally extract files from a Heroes of the Storm CASC storage container.

    -h, --help                Display this help

    -i, --in <PATH>           Directory where '/HeroesData' is
                                (default: '/Applications/Heroes of the Storm')
    -v, --verbose             Prints more information
    -q, --quiet               Prints nothing, nada, zip
    -s, --search <STRING>     Restrict results to full paths matching STRING
    -f, --filename <STRING>   Search for filenames matching STRING
    -t, --filetype <STRING>   Search for filenames having extension STRING

  Search:     storm-extract [options]

  Extract:    storm-extract -x [options]
    -x, --extract             Extract the files found
    -o, --out <PATH>          The folder where the files are extracted (extract only)
                                (default: current working directory)


  1) List all files in CASC storage container (this will take a while):

       ./storm-extract -i "/Applications/Heroes of the Storm/" -f .

  2) Extract a specific file:

       ./storm-extract -i "/Applications/Heroes of the Storm/" -f "path/to/the/file" -o out

  3) Extract specific filenames (preserving heirarchy):

       ./storm-extract -i "/Applications/Heroes of the Storm/" -f GameData.xml -o out -x

  4) Extract all English sounds (preserving heirarchy):

       ./storm-extract -i "/Applications/Heroes of the Storm/" -s enus -o out -t wav -x
       ./storm-extract -i "/Applications/Heroes of the Storm/" -s enus -o out -t ogg -x

Copyright(c) 2016 Justin J. Novack <>

NodeJS Module

var stormExtract = require('storm-extract');
var aFiles = stormExtract.listFiles('/Applications/Heroes of the Storm/');
// console.log(aFiles);

var files = [

var count = storm.extractFiles('/Applications/Heroes of the Storm/', 'extract', files);
console.log("Extracted " + count + " files.");


Unfortunately, this module is entirely synchronous at the moment, it will STALL your event-loop while it processes. On my machine, to cycle through the entire CASC archive takes three (3) seconds; that's three (3) seconds where nothing else is happening. You do not want to include this module into, example, a web server application as it will NOT serve requests for that time.

You should probably run this module in an application that runs in an entirely different thread, perhaps waiting for data from a socket.

If your application is synchronous (example, some utility application which runs a process every interval), then there is no need to worry.


I'm sure, as this is my second C++ to NodeJS module conversion. Report them to the github issue tracker.


storm-extract stands on the shoulders of giants.

The library absolutely, unequivocably, could not be possible without ladislav-zezula's CascLib library. Many thanks to ladislav-zezula.

Most of the program was canibalized from Kanma's CASCExtractor with the purpose of customizing it for Heroes of the Storm and integration into NodeJS.


storm-extract is made available under the MIT License. The text of the license is in the file LICENSE.

Under the MIT License you may use storm-extract for any purpose you wish, without warranty, and modify it if you require, subject to one condition:

"The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software."

In practice this means that whenever you distribute your application, whether as binary or as source code, you must include somewhere in your distribution the text in the file 'LICENSE'. This might be in the printed documentation, as a file on delivered media, or even on the credits / acknowledgements of the runtime application itself; any of those would satisfy the requirement.

Even if the license doesn't require it, please consider to contribute your modifications back to the community.


NodeJS Module and CLI application to list and extract files from a Heroes of the Storm CASC storage container.







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