Adds the ability to re-edit userforms submissions
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Editable User Forms

Allows users to re-edit submissions made from a userdefined form.


Getting Started

  • Place the module under your root project directory.
  • dev/build
  • Create and configure an Editable User Defined Form page


Aside from the normal User Defined Form options, the module provides several additional configuration options

Config options

  • ShowSubmittedList - display the list of complete submissions the user has put together
  • ShowDraftList - display the list of in-complete submissions
  • AllowEditingComplete - Whether users should be able to edit 'completed' submissions
  • ShowSubmitButton - Whether the form should display the 'submit' button. If this button is not displayed, the form will automatically be 'submitted' (ie, marked as 'complete') when a user fills out all required fields
  • ShowPreviewButton - show the 'preview' button - a read-only version of the form for printing out
  • ShowDeleteButton - show the 'delete' button in form submission listings
  • ShowButtonsOnTop - show buttons across the top of the form as well as the base
  • LoadLastSubmission - loads the most recent 'draft' submission the user made when they land on the form page
  • SubmitWarning - text to display to the user when they click the 'submit' button
  • Workflow definition - if specified, a form submission will be sent to a workflow for approval


  • EditableTextFieldWithDefault - Provides a textbox field that can be pre-populated with a field value. For example, $Member.Email
  • EditableEmailFieldWithDefault - An email specific field extended from the TextFieldWithDefault
  • EditableMultiFileField - Allows for the upload of one or more files from the frontend using Dropzone. Note: the
    standard EditableFileField does NOT work for re-editable forms
  • FormSaveField - inserts a 'save' button into the form for users to incrementally save as they go

Workflow actions

  • SetPropertyAction - A workflow action that sets a value on a data object field when triggered. Used for marking form submissions as 'Complete'