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2013-12-11 v3.2.1
* Decreased frequency of 'optimize' calls to be 1 in 100
2013-12-06 v3.2.0
* Updated to solr 4
* Improved storing of dataobjects in the index
2013-09-27 v3.1.0
* API Always index/unindex individual items immediately instead of using a
queuedjob for one-time indexing
* Change getSearchPage reference to find any search page, and change other
methods to look for the getSearchPage metho
* API Added an additional CustomFacets option for search pages so that
additional faceting info can be added for queri
* API Allow extensions to add addition field/values to be indexed for data
2013-09-16 v2.5.1
* Added _i, _f and _p fields as being attributes that get parsed/renamed
in result sets for non-data objects
2013-09-04 v3.0.0
* Updated for compatibility with SS 3.1 by introducing private
static references, causing backwards compatibility breakages
2013-09-04 v2.5.0
* Moved geo spatial search options into a standalone extension class that
can be applied to SolrSearchPage if/when desired instead of requiring
its presence. Fixes issue where pgsql or sqlite would die on install
2013-09-03 v2.4.1
* Added SolrQueryBuilder::removeFilter() to remove a previously applied filter
2013-08-15 v2.4.0
* Added application of facet information to the query builder object instead of requiring it to be a custom process
* Made the query set*/add*() methods more fluent
* Renamed some methods in SolrSearchService to be more self-commenting
2013-07-20 v2.3.0
* Added indexMultiple method to search service to allow multiple items
to be indexed at once
* Added boostValues option to SolrSearch page to allow users to configure
a field matching a certain value to be boosted higher in results
* Fixed some references to raw data key to make it easier to index arbitrary
* Made client for the search service injectable
2013-03-05 v2.2.0
* Added geo spatial options for geo-restriction of results on SolrSearchPage
* Moved parts of SolrSearchPage to SolrQueryBuilder so that things like sorting
are part of the query building process, not manually applied to a params
* Fixed some issues with the indexing process to make clear distinction between
Live and Stage by retrieving the right content from Versioned:: methods
2013-02-14 v2.1.1
* Added sortBy method to query builder to allow specifying sort from the
builder object
* Added filter fields to the core options on SolrSearchPage
* Added a latLon retrieval method to SolrGeoPoint to retrieve the latitude
and logitude as a comma separated string
2013-02-11 v2.1.0
* Added in some basic geo spatial indexing capability
* Added composer file
2012-12-10 v2.0.3
* Updated underlying Apache_Solr php library to allow for cURL usage
2012-12-03 v2.0.2
* Fixed possible notice error if results comes back empty on windows
2012-11-01 v2.0.1
* Fixed issue where the results action doesn't render the _results template
when triggered by a form execution by explicitly calling renderWith and
passing the current classname
2012-10-26 v2.0.0
* Updated to use solr 3.6 as the baseline, which means changing
all field types from _mt (the SS customised type) to using
_txt. Otherwise, no big changes
2012-08-02 v1.0.1
* Reindex task can reindex multiple types at once
* Hitting 'Reindex' in the admin UI reindexes all configured types
2012-06-15 v1.0.0
* Added ability to select multiple types to search on for a single search
page. Also, this is the first release for ss3!
2012-05-18 v0.9.0
* Added ability to set a listing template for the result items to be displayed
within if the Listing Page module is installed
2012-05-14 v0.8.1
* Fixed a bug in reading the log file for locally started solr instances
2012-04-04 v0.8.0
* Results can now be cached if a SS_Cache object is set as the cache
property for the SolrSearchService. This will return results even if
the solr server is unable to be contacted
2012-03-23 v0.7.1
* Use the SolrTypeConfiguration in the list of types a page can search
2012-01-27 v0.7.0
* Added ability to index and search arbitrary non-DataObject content
2011-12-08 v0.6.2
* Added a unique ID when starting solr so the correct one is identified when
looking for the existing instance
* CONFIG Allow developers to select where the data dir is placed
2011-12-06 v0.6.0
* FEATURE Added functionality that allows the start and stop of the bundled
solr jetty servlet container file from within the CMS, allowing ADMIN users
to start/stop Solr directly.
2011-09-26 v0.5.0
Small changes that make faceted nav a bit nicer to work with
* MINOR: Updated text to be clearer that case sensitive is an untokenised
indexing method
* BUGFIX: In some cases it's best to have a quoted string for the facet
search (eg if the term is a Case sensitive untokenised string
* BUGFIX: Allow multiple and terms with the same field names
* FEATURE: Added ability to display a listing of results as the search page
* BUGFIX: Allow freeform queries to be specified if the user knows how
* BUGFIX: Remove the exclusion of multivaluefields if they have an empty
set as their value, otherwise they're not included in searches
* BUGFIX: Check that a valid field was found before adding it to the list of
fields being searched
2011-07-21 v0.4.1
* Fix issue where subsites was disabled and occasionally caused issues with
2011-07-12 v0.4.0
* Users can configure solr indexing from the "Solr" section of the admin
interface. Select the page type, then select which fields should be indexed
for that type
* Updated the schema.xml to allow for a 'multitext' type which provides for
case insensitive searching
* Introduced the ability to boost certain fields in searches
* Added dismax option for search
2011-07-11 v0.3.5
* Indexing of content uses the queuedjobs module if available to process
the actual indexing of an individual item. Uses the immediate mode jobs
so that the indexing happens straight away.
2011-05-27 v0.3.4
* Added ability to specify which fields will be searched on by default
when a user performs a query
2011-03-31 v0.3.3
* Fixed issue where empty strings in facet results were being passed through
as _empty_
2011-03-08 v0.3.2
* Fixed error caused by unpublish failing if solr has gone away
2011-02-03 v0.3.1
* Fixed declaration of reindex job to detect queuedjob module existence first
2010-10-26 v0.3.0
* Added ability to query against both Live and Draft data sources. If an
object is versionable, it will be indexed with either Live or Stage,
depending on whether it is written or published. For non-versioned content,
it is actually indexed with BOTH stages, indicating that it is relevant for
a search in either stage"
2010-10-21 v0.2.1
* Fixed bug where associativity precedence in query syntax stopped pages
being found by 'title'
2010-06-21 v0.2.0
* Better interface for searching by providing a complete 'SearchPage'
* Added support for faceting
* Added support for queueing reindexing to reduce user wait time (if the
QueuedJobs module is installed)