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Advanced Usage

.. ifslides::

   .. figure:: /_static/hieroglyphs.jpg
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      CC BY-SA

The slide directive

Instead of (or in addition to) section headings, Hieroglyph also includes a directive that may be used to indicate a Slide should be created. The directive may have a title specified, as well as a level parameter.

For example:

.. slide:: The Slide Title
   :level: 2

   This Slide would appear as a level two slide.

Splitting Sections with the nextslide directive

In addition to section headings and the :rst:dir:`slide` directive, text sections may be split into multiple slides using the :rst:dir:`nextslide` directive.

When building slides, :rst:dir:`nextslide` will split the content at the point of the directive and copy the section title.

Consider the following example:

Section Title

some content

.. nextslide::

additional content

When building slides, this will generate two slides with the name Section Title.

A different title may be specified as an argument to :rst:dir:`nextslide`.

The increment argument will add an index to the subsequent slide titles. For example:

Section Title

some content

.. nextslide::

additional content

.. nextslide::


Will generate three slides, with the titles Section Title, Section Title (2), and Section Title (3), respectively.

Interlinking HTML Output

.. ifslides::

   - If you build both slides and HTML output, Hieroglyph can create
     links between them.
   - You need to use the corresponding builders: i.e.,
     ``SlideBuilder`` and ``StandaloneHTMLBuilder``

.. ifnotslides::

   Hieroglyph supports linking between slides and HTML output, such as
   from the Sphinx HTML builders. In order to do this successfully,
   the slide and HTML builders used must correspond to one
   another. That is, the ``SlideBuilder`` must be used with the
   ``StandaloneHTMLBuilder``, and the ``DirectorySlideBuilder`` must
   be used with the ``DirectoryHTMLBuilder``.

For example, runnning:

$ make html slides

Will generate HTML and slides if interlinking is enabled. See :ref:`configuring-interlinking` for information on enabling interlinking in the configuration.

Per-File Configuration

When working with multi-file projects, there may be cases when it is desirable to override the theme or set configuration value for specific files. This can be accomplished using the :rst:dir:`slideconf` directive:

.. slideconf::
   :theme: single-level

Values specified in a slideconf directive override defaults specified in If more than one slideconf appears in a document, only the last one is used.