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Hieroglyph Builders

In Sphinx parlance, a "builder" is an output target. Sphinx includes several of its own, including ones for HTML pages, ePub documents, and PDF.

Hieroglyph adds additional builders for generating slides. The builder's "name" must be given to the -b command-line option of :program:`sphinx-build` to select a builder.

You may want to add one (or more) of the Hieroglyph builders to your Makefile to make it easier to run the Sphinx builder.

For example, to add the slides builder to your Makefile, add the following target:

        $(SPHINXBUILD) -b slides $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) $(BUILDDIR)/slides
        @echo "Build finished. The HTML slides are in $(BUILDDIR)/slides."

(Remember, makefiles are indented using tabs, not spaces.)

.. automodule:: hieroglyph.builder

.. autoclass:: SlideBuilder

.. autoclass:: DirectorySlideBuilder

.. autoclass:: SingleFileSlideBuilder

.. autoclass:: InlineSlideBuilder

.. autoclass:: DirectoryInlineSlideBuilder

Abstract Builders

Hieroglyph also defines two abstract builders. These classes are not capable of building slides on their own, but encapsulate most of the slide-specific functionality.

.. autoclass:: AbstractSlideBuilder

.. autoclass:: AbstractInlineSlideBuilder