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Monad examples for normal people

Authors: Dustin Getz
Time:10:00 am - 10:50 am

Large codebases are copmlex. Technologies like Spring, EJB, AOP, etc all had a common goal: make the code look more like the requirements. If you write composable functions, your boss could write the code: it reads like the real requirements. But in real life, you have to live with NullPointerExceptions. You can write a bind or a pipe higher order function that wraps some of this complexity.

The big picture goal is to write code that looks like the business logic. The difference between an API and a DSL is how well thought out and flexible it is.

Monads are a design pattern for composing fucntions that have incompatible types, but which are logically composable.

[This talk moved very quickly and presupposed quite a bit of knowledge. I was unable to keep up with notes, but reading the Wikipedia page on Monads ( ) was useful.]