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- Enable proper OTP application packaging.
-- 1.0 (2007-11-05)
- Require Erlang/OTP R11B-2, the latest official release with
working Erlang distribution over SSL.
-- 1.0rc2 (2007-10-17)
- Start using edoc for documentation of all functions.
- Fix bug in handling of race condition with CANCEL, which could
result in phones that never stop ringing.
- Handle UTF-8 in contact display names.
- Bugfix a certain case of URI comparision in the CPL subsystem.
-- 1.0rc1 (2007-04-12)
- Updated RFC3263 (SIP DNS) implementation to work just like
the RFC says.
- Made what log levels should be written to files configurable.
- Rewrote most of the pstnproxy YXA application to allow more
configurations than before (for example gateway to gateway
- Improved test framework greatly to the point where whole YXA
applications can be tested with a constructed configuration and
user database environment.
- Implemented GRUU (draft-ietf-sip-gruu-06).
- Implemented generic SIP Event (RFC3265) server, with plugins for
the following packages : presence, dialog (experimental)
- Implemented Outbound (draft-ietf-sip-outbound-03). Not very
tested since there are virtually no other implementations of
Outbound yet.
- Implement RFC3327 (Path). Needed for Outbound.
- Implement STUN server answering NAT keepalive STUN requests
received on our SIP ports.
-- 0.91 (2006-03-21)
- Fix bug which made applications crash on config-reload when there
was an include file that contained syntax errors.
-- 0.91pre1 (2006-03-07)
- Temporarily blacklist unreachable/unresponsive destinations.
- Implement RFC4320 which updates RFC3261 with regard to non-
INVITE transactions.
- Add basic SIP dialog support to the SIP stack.
- Add 'include' support to (erlang) configuration files.
- Rewrote local.erl framework so that only functions that are
actually to be overridden has to be in the domain specific
- Include Date: header in '200 Ok' response to REGISTER.
- Various bugfixes, including making sure we close the old log
files upon rotation.
-- 0.90 (2005-10-21)
- Fix minor problems in two log messages.
-- 0.90pre2 (2005-10-06)
- Don't terminate listener on SSL socket accept() errors, to avoid
denial of service.
- Implement SSL subjectAltName checking. We used to only check the
- A couple of bug fixes.
-- 0.90pre1 (2005-09-21)
Changes since Snapshot 2005-09-01 :
- Allow hostnames from DNS SRV/NAPTR records in TLS certificates,
unless configured not to.
- Fix bugs found at SIPit 17
(IPv6, multiple authentication headers etc.).
-- Baseline (from project homepage) :
Main features :
- RFC3261 compliant (almost) SIP-server, capable of everything a
generic domain needs :
- Registrar that keeps track of your users
- Handles incoming SIP requests to your domain
- Handles routing of requests from your users to remote domains
- TCP, UDP and TLS (including SIPS) support
- Automatically maps e-mail addresses of your users to their SIP
addresses, if you have the e-mail addresses in LDAP
- Handles multiple domains using a single server instance
- ENUM support for PSTN-bypass whenever possible
- IPv6 support
- Forking, both parallel and sequential
- CPL (RFC3880) support for advanced user-control of events
(currently incoming calls only)
- Modular user database, currently with LDAP, Mnesia, MySQL and
text-file backends
- PSTN destination access control (per user or for anonymous users)