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Code Name Jeeves

Zipfian Final Project Spring 2014

What is it?

Jeeves is an email natural language classifier that finds messages that need a meeting location defined.

I built this as my Zipfian final project because I want my computer to do more things for me. Why not when it has all this data on me. I made a long wish list of items and then focused on getting my computer to read emails and classify the ones that meeting location defined. Then it sends me a text if an email is classified as true.

If there was enough time I wanted the program to take the next step of finding a couple recommendations on locations. Just getting the classifier working was plenty for the two weeks we had for the project.

This project is similar to spam filters where a false positive (getting texts on email incorrectly classified as true) is more acceptible than a false negative (missing an email that needs a location)

Main Structure:

  •, & in the app folder are the main files that run the application.
    • Handle_email:

      • Main file that runs the full project pipeline from getting the email to sending a text
      • Call check_email function to get the program to check for new gmails
      • There is a pickle file of the last time that the email was checked that will be upated after new email is found
      • If there are new emails then the data is parsed out and cleaned
      • The modified tf-idf vectorizer is unpickled and applied to the email message to generate features
      • The modified logistic regression model is unpickled and the email features are run through the logistic regression for a prediction
      • If the prediction is true then a message is created
      • The message is sent through the jeeves_notifications function under the Twilio views
      • Also the message is passed to the unix say command so my computer says that a new email needs a meeting location defined
    • Common:

      • Holds common functions that are used for the project pipeline and for building out and testing the vectorizer and classifier
      • Pickle functions
      • API call to get new gmails
      • Function to clean data (strip whitespace and characters that are not UTF8, etc.)
      • Store data in Postgres
      • Put data into Pandas dataframe
      • Generate dataset splits for X, y and cross validation
    • Twilio_views:

      • Passes the message through the Twilio API to turn it into a text message on my phone

More Information:

Check out for my blog posts on my progress with developing Jeeves:

Future Plans:

  • Try Porter for stemming

  • Continue to code for producing the model:

    • Grid Search again to improve parameters
    • plot error rate and learning curves (regularization sprint)
    • explore other ways to apply k-fold
  • Other feature ideas / customization

    • Make date in body of text more informatitve
    • Python NLP - Regex library
    • length of thread (3+)
    • email from an email address / new or not

    • email address in contacts or on Linkedin...
  • Closing loop with a cronjob to automate email checking

  • Use Ec2, picloud(install package - pass function and arguments and it goes up to EC2) to run models / esp grid search

  • Continue to look at dimensionality reduction approaches

  • Turn pipeline sections into classes/objects?

  • Take model to another level

    • use partial predict so can take in feedback on new results and if they are correct (Adam gave this idea)
    • make the vectorizer/classifier result one feature and then add in other engineered features and feed through another classifer

Data Storage Structure:

Raw data stored in Postgres DB

~1000+ emails total ~120 emails meet target conditions (may be smaller based on thread emails)

Raw Data:

  • Message ID (message_id) = string / primary key
  • Thread ID (thread_id) = string
  • To (to_email) = string
  • From (from_email) = string
  • CC (cc) = string
  • Date Sent (date) = timestamp
  • Subject (subject) = string
  • Starred Email (starred) = boolean (true meanss its starred)
  • Message Body (body) = text
  • Message Subject & Body (sub_body) = text
  • Email Owner (email_owner) = string (email source)
  • Box (email box) = string
  • Needs Location (target) = boolean (true needs a meeting location and based on labels 'Jeeves' & 'Starred')


  • Any bugs about Markdown Preview please feel free to report here
  • And you are welcome to fork and submit pullrequests


Copyright (c) 2014 Nyghtowl