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NEMA - Nayuki’s EMAcs config

What’s this?

A not-so-hurt-yet-still-make-kind-of-sense emacs configuration set, c/w a bunch of packages.


  1. Any specific {package,variable} config should be found no more than 2 layers down from init.el.
  2. I will not focus on “startup speed”, since daemonize Emacs is all you need.


cd ~
mv .emacs.d .emacs.d.old
git clone .emacs.d
emacs -nw

Hotkey cheatsheet

HotkeyCommandDefined inComment
C-c g gmagit-statusnema-vcs.elgit status
C-c g bmagit-blamenema-vcs.elgit blame current buffer
C-c g dmagit-diff-buffer-filenema-vcs.elgit diff current buffer
C-’avy-goto-char-timernema-basic.elCursor jump to location
C->mc/mark-next-like-this-symbolnema-basic.elMulti cursor (find next symbol)
C-Cmc/edit-linesnema-basic.elMulti cursor (add one cursor each line)
M-S-RETedwina-clone-windownema-basic.elProvided by edwina
M-inema-termnema-terminal.elStart a terminal buffer
C-c & waya-createnema-snippet.elCreate and use a snippet when editing
C-M-oace-windownema-basic.elPowerful window switch
C-1 ~ C-9winum-select-window-1nema-basic.elQuick window switch



There is a customize group called nema to give you a few customization options. Remember to restart emacs if anything is changed.
Whether or not to use evil-mode. Default to nil. My evil-mode intergration is at a very basic level (since I don’t use evil-mode). Any pull request is welcomed.
Choose between ivy, helm, selectrum and ido. Default to ivy
Use LSP or not. Remember to follow server installation instructions below. Default to nil
Choose one theme from given pre-defined themes list.
Switch between dark and light mode of your theme (if supported).
Choose which mode line to use.


There are many ways to hack this. You can
  1. Write your ELisp in .emacs.d/my/*.el. They will be loaded after all nema-* modules are loaded.
    • Your YAS snippets will be saved and loaded in .emacs.d/my/snippets/**/*. (See nema-snippet.el)
    • .emacs.d/my/**/* is in .gitignore list. So you can save sensitive data (e.g. IRC login info or Mail account) or some machine-specific configs (e.g. if you have a HiDPI laptop and a workstation with normal DPI displays) without syncing across with VCS.
    • I’ve written some maybe-useful scripts in my-sample/*.el. Symlink (or copy) them into your my/ folder to enable them.
  2. Fork me.

LSP server installation

See lsp-mode supported languages

Known issues

  1. If it is run at its first time, make sure not to use emacs --server, since it may prompt you of Elisp-enabled themes warning or native plugin compilation. Use emacs or emacs -nw instead, and press y if prompted. When .emacs.d/custom.el is built, you can use server mode without problem.

Many thanks to


GPLv3 for
  • Initialization and core files
  • Layer files (nema-*.el)
  • my-sample/*.el

See LICENSE file