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We want to build software that enables effective communication, and we also want to make an impact on the world via our culture. We believe that by embodying our values, we can make the world more like the kind of world we want to live in.

If a company creates great products but churns through the people who make them, is that organization worth building? For us, the answer is no. We believe that a company should be unabashedly human, and should serve both the people who work there and the customers it creates value for.

We believe in inclusivity and strive to make our company a leading example of a better, more human tech company. We reject racism, sexism, and homophobia. We want people who couldn’t be successful elsewhere because they don’t look or sound like what society expects successful people to look like to work here and to be given the chance they deserve.

We want to be a voice in the world that says that people are able to do their best work when they’re able to bring their authentic selves to work and to feel safe being as they are.

The values we live by are:

Customer Focus

  • Our company exists to create value for our customers.
  • Our customers guide our product.
  • We see our customers as humans - developers, product managers, CTOs and CEOs - not corporations.

Bias for Action

  • We acknowledge that many decisions are reversible, and it's often better to make a decision and run with it than to wait for perfect information.
  • When faced with conflicting options, we delegate a decision maker and commit to doing our best to make the decision successful even if we disagree with it.

Developer Centric

  • We believe that software provides incredible leverage for impact.
  • We work to bring technical knowledge to all parts of our company, including departments outside of engineering.

Empowerment and Trust

  • Leadership sets goals, but you have the power to achieve those goals in the best way you see fit.
  • With power comes responsibility. If you decide there's a certain way to achieve a company goal, it's your responsibility to own the project. That means convincing the team it's the right project to prioritize right now, becoming a team lead for the project, broadcasting its progress, and evaluating if it met its goals.
  • If there is a project that you think would have even more impact toward our goals than what is on the roadmap, you're encouraged to say so.
  • Your personal career growth at Nylas and beyond is a priority for the company, and you’re empowered to work toward it with the company’s help.

Transparency and Communication

  • We share our roadmap, plans, financials, etc., whether they're good or bad. It’s clear to everyone within the company how certain decisions are made, why, and by whom.
  • You share your knowledge with others, and you feel comfortable asking others to share their knowledge.
  • We document meeting outcomes, product thoughts, progress, and more in places that are searchable and archived (Dropbox Paper, Slack, etc.) so that it’s easy for new hires and anyone not present in the process to understand previous decisions.
  • People can voice concerns and discuss issues at regular cadences (weekly all-hands and retrospectives) or in private to HR, without fear of retaliation.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity and inclusion is a foundational priority for the company in hiring and decision-making. When we fall short, you can (and should) call attention to it.
  • We have explicit and documented processes for addressing issues like discrimination, harassment, etc., within the company.
  • You should feel comfortable calling out someone or speaking to your manager/HR if their behavior makes you uncomfortable, no matter how slight.


  • We constantly aim to create a distraction-free environment so that you can think and operate at your best.
  • You value other people's time. Context-switching is expensive, and each distraction hurts the company, so don't take them lightly.

Work-Life Balance

  • You are recognized and valued as an individual with a life outside of work.
  • We set reasonable timelines for projects that allow for them to be completed within normal work hours—we do not expect to have your time outside of that (except in specific outlined cases like on-call).
  • You have PTO that is mandated and respected.
  • We have explicit and documented policies around family leave, parental leave, bereavement leave, etc.


  • We are proud of our brand and the impressions, first and last, it leaves.
  • We take pride in the details, polish, and craft of our work and image.
  • We are human-centered. We work more for the needs of people over the targets of metrics.
  • Your feedback matters and is part of our design process.