Tool for building debian packages from your python projects
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make-deb: Helper Tool for getting your python code into debian packages

Make-deb is a simple tool that generates Debian configuration based on your setuptools configuration and git history. When run, it will create a Debian directory at the root of your python project with the necessary files to build your package into a Debian package using dh-virtualenv

$ cd /my/python/repository
$ make-deb

'debian' directory successfully placed at the root of your repository

If setuptools does not have complete information, make-deb will ask for additional information (for example, maintainer email). After initialization, a directory named "debian" will be reated at the root of your repo. Assuming you have dh-virtualenv installed, you should be able to simply create a .deb from your python project by running the following command at the root of your project.

$ dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc


To install make-deb:

$ pip install make-deb


Generating your Debian configuration can be run from any operating system. However, in order to build a debian package, you must be on a Debian-based operating system and have dh-virtualenv installed. In the future, we plan to support Vagrant integration to build packages from any platform.