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# This Dockerfile builds a production-ready image of K2 to be used across all
# services. See the Dockerfile documentation here:
# Use the latest Node 6 base docker image
FROM node:6
# Copy everything (excluding what's in .dockerignore) into an empty dir
COPY . /home
# This installs global dependencies, then in the postinstall script, runs lerna
# bootstrap to install and link cloud-api, cloud-core, and cloud-workers.
# We need the --unsafe-perm param to run the postinstall script since Docker
# will run everything as sudo
RUN npm install --unsafe-perm
# This uses babel to compile any es6 to stock js for plain node
RUN node packages/cloud-core/build/build-n1-cloud
# External services run on port 80. Expose it.
# We use a start-aws command that automatically spawns the correct process
# based on environmpackages/cloud-coreent variables (which changes instance to instance)
CMD packages/cloud-core/ ${AWS_SERVICE_NAME}
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