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Composer Templates

Create templates you can use to pre-fill the N1 composer - never type the same email again! Templates live in the ~/.nylas-mail/templates directory on your computer. Each template is an HTML file - the name of the file is the name of the template, and it's contents are the default message body.

If you include HTML <code> tags in your template, you can create regions that you can jump between and fill easily. Give <code> tags the var class to mark them as template regions. Add the empty class to make them dark yellow. When you send your message, <code> tags are always stripped so the recipient never sees any highlighting.

This example is a good starting point for plugins that want to extend the composer experience.

Install this plugin

  1. Download and run N1

  2. From the menu, select Developer > Install a Plugin Manually... The dialog will default to this examples directory. Just choose the package to install it!

    When you install packages, they're moved to ~/.nylas-mail/packages, and N1 runs apm install on the command line to fetch dependencies listed in the package's package.json