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An dark sidebar theme for Nylas Mail. Created by Jamie Wilson


Darkside comes pre-installed with N1. To change themes, go to Nylas Mail > Change Theme… in the menu bar, then select Darkside. Learn more at support.nylas.com.


In order to customize Darkside, you'll need to manually install it.

1. Download the ui-darkside folder.

Download Option 1:
Download just the 'ui-darkside' folder thanks to the service gitzip by @kinolien.

Download Option 2:
Download the entire N1 repo or git clone https://github.com/nylas/nylas-mail.git. Then grab the folder from N1/internal_packages/ui-darkside.

2. Manual Install

To manually install a theme, go to Nylas Mail > Install Theme… in the menu bar. Select the ui-darkside folder you just downloaded. This will copy the folder into your N1 packages directory so you can delete the orginal download if you want to.

3. Customize

Open the theme directory
If you're on a Mac, you can find the theme files at ~/.nylas-mail/packages. To get there quickly, use the key command Cmd + Shift + G and enter ~/.nylas-mail/packages.

Change package.json
In order to avoid conflicts between your custom theme and the pre-installed version, change name and displayName in package.json to:

"name": "ui-darkside-custom",
"displayName": "Darkside Custom",

Edit LESS files
Open the darkside-variables.less file. To change colors, just comment out the default @sidebar and @accent variables and uncomment another theme or simply replace with your own colors.

// Default
@sidebar: #313042;
@accent: #F18260;

// Luna
// @sidebar: #202C46;
// @accent: #39DFF8;

// Zond
// @sidebar: #333333;
// @accent: #F6D49C;

// Gemini
// @sidebar: #00203C;
// @accent: #F6B312;

// Mercury
// @sidebar: #555;
// @accent: #999;

// Apollo
// @sidebar: #3A1E15;
// @accent: #F6AA1C;


If you have questions or suggestions, please submit an issue. If you need to, you can email me at [jamie@jamiewilson.io](mailto:jamie@jamiewilson?subject=Re: Darkside).