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Cloud Core

Cloud Core the Library

This contains all shared resources for Nylas Mail Cloud services.

You may use Cloud Core through a regular import: import cloud-core from 'cloud-core'

It is required as a dependency in the package.json of other modules.

This library isn't on the npm registry, but works as a dependency thanks to lerna bootstrap

See index.js for what gets explicitly exported by this library.

Cloud Infrastructure

This also contains scripts and config files used to deploy to production infrastructure.

Getting Started

New to AWS:

  1. Create an AWS account and sign in

  2. Create your AWS IAM Security Credentials

  3. Go to Console -> Home -> IAM -> Users -> {{Your Name}} -> Security Credentials and click Create access key.

    Note that your private key will only be shown upon creation! If you've lost your private key you have to deactivate your old key and create a new one.

    You'll use your AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key in the next step to login to our AWS environment and make the appropriate resources available.

  4. Install AWS CLI:

  5. brew install awscli on Mac

  6. pip install --user awscli on Linux.

  7. Run aws configure and add your AWS IAM Security Credentials (AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key)

  8. Install the Elastic Benstalk CLI:

  9. brew install awsebcli on Mac

  10. pip install --upgrade --user awsebcli on Linux

New to Docker:

  1. Read Understanding Docker

  2. Install Docker on your machine.

Developing the Cloud Components Locally:

Open cloud-core/pm2-dev.yml and replace XXXXXX fields with values. You need to generate a Google Client ID and Secret.

From the root of the nylas-mail repository:

npm install
npm run start-cloud

We use pm2 to launch a variety of processes (sync, api, dashboard, processor, etc).

The npm run start-cloud command will run pm2 start packages/cloud-core/pm2-dev.yml --no-daemon

You can see the scripts that are running and their arguments in pm2-dev.yml

The pm2-dev.yml file sets up required environment variables for a dev environment. The prod environment variables are stored on the (Elastic Beanstalk AWS Console)[].

To test to see if the basic API is up go to: You should see pong. ( is a DNS hack that redirects back to


From the root of the nylas-mail repository:

npm run start-cloud-debug

will run pm2 start packages/cloud-core/pm2-debug-cloud-api.yml --no-daemon, which passes in an --inspect flag to the cloud-api interpreter. This will allow you to live debug using chrome web tools.

A useful tool to automatically connect to the chrome dev tools without knowing the url is NIM

You can either set breakpoints through the inspector, or by putting debugger; statements in your code.

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