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@@ -115,6 +115,26 @@ form.append('my_file', fs.createReadStream(path.join(__dirname, 'doodle.png'))
form.append('remote_file', request(''))
+## HTTP Authentication
+request.auth('username', 'password', false).get('');
+// or
+request.get('', {
+ 'auth': {
+ 'user': 'username',
+ 'pass': 'password',
+ 'sendImmediately': false
+ }
+If passed as an option, `auth` should be a hash containing values `user` || `username`, `password` || `pass`, and `sendImmediately` (optional). The method form takes parameters `auth(username, password, sendImmediately)`.
+`sendImmediately` defaults to true, which will cause a basic authentication header to be sent. If `sendImmediately` is `false`, then `request` will retry with a proper authentication header after receiving a 401 response from the server (which must contain a `WWW-Authenticate` header indicating the required authentication method).
+Digest authentication is supported, but it only works with `sendImmediately` set to `false` (otherwise `request` will send basic authentication on the initial request, which will probably cause the request to fail).
## OAuth Signing
@@ -173,6 +193,7 @@ The first argument can be either a url or an options object. The only required o
* `headers` - http headers, defaults to {}
* `body` - entity body for POST and PUT requests. Must be buffer or string.
* `form` - when passed an object this will set `body` but to a querystring representation of value and adds `Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8` header. When passed no option a FormData instance is returned that will be piped to request.
+* `auth` - A hash containing values `user` || `username`, `password` || `pass`, and `sendImmediately` (optional). See documentation above.
* `json` - sets `body` but to JSON representation of value and adds `Content-type: application/json` header. Additionally, parses the response body as json.
* `multipart` - (experimental) array of objects which contains their own headers and `body` attribute. Sends `multipart/related` request. See example below.
* `followRedirect` - follow HTTP 3xx responses as redirects. defaults to true.

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