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A twig filter extension for silex to display full country names for a given country key based on symfony country form type
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This extension is archived. No further development happens here. If you like to take this over please contact me.

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Twig filter country extension for Silex

This is an extension for Twig for use in Silex if you use forms with a country choice list from Symfony 2. The Symfony 2 form saves each country from the choice list with a two letter country code. In order to display the full country name in your twig template you can use this country filter. It takes the two letter country code and displays the country as a full name in your current locale.


This extension was created for Silex and Twig Template Engine


Via composer:

require: "nymo/silex-twig-country-extension": "~1.0"


####load twig template engine First you have to register the twig template engine in your silex application

$app->register(new Silex\Provider\TwigServiceProvider(), array(
        'twig.path' => 'your view path',
        'twig.options' => array(
            "cache" => 'your cache path'

Read more about the configuration at the official [docs] (

add new extension to twig

As a next step you can retreive the twig service from your app container and register the country extension.

$twig = $app['twig'];
$twig->addExtension(new \nymo\Twig\Extension\CountryExtension($app));

in your template

I assume that you have already saved data in your db or anywhere else and want now to display this data in your html side. For example you have the country letter code de. When using the filter from below you will receive Germany or Deutschland(depends on your current locale).

<h1>You're living in {{|country }}</h1>