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MaptimeNYC + NYPL’s NYC Space/Time Directory: DIY Historic Walking Tours

October 19th, 2017


This repository contains all the code used for the workshop MaptimeNYC + NYPL's NYC Space/Time Directory: DIY Historic Walking Tours in partnership with Barnard College.

The workshop is a beginner-friendly introduction to using Leaflet for web maps and accessing the NYC Space/Time Directory.

The workshop is organized by git branches. In Github you can browse all branches by clicking on the "branch" button.

The following branches take you through each step in making a historical walking tour map:

  • 1-setup-project
  • 2-instantiate-leaflet
  • 3-add-nypl-basemap
  • 4-add-walking-tour-geojson

You are encouraged to try each step on your own, using the to guide you. If you get stuck at any step, you can switch to the "SOLUTION" branch for any step to get help.

By the end of the tutorial you will have made your own walking tour using historical data from NYPL's Digital Collections. Here is an example of a walking tour we'll be making together:
result map


NYC Space/Time Directory
Leaflet.js Documentation
Geosandbox (great tool for experimenting with Leaflet)
Anatomy of a Web Map
Cartography Guide by Axis Maps