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JSON Schemas for NYC Space/Time Directory

This repository contains base JSON Schemas for the data in NYC Space/Time Directory datasets, and it contains a Node.js module which creates the final JSON Schemas from types and relations specified in the NYC Space/Time Directory configuration.

ETL modules

NYC Space/Time Directory datasets are created by Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) modules. Each of those Node.js modules connect to a specific NYPL data source or API, and transform the data to the NYC Space/Time Directory data model.

An NYC Space/Time Directory ETL modules consists of at least the following two files:

File Description
<dataset>.js Node.js module which exports a steps array containing functions that execute a single ETL step
<dataset>.dataset.json JSON file describing the ETL module and resulting dataset; this file conforms to dataset.schema.json

You can execute an ETL module with the NYC Space/Time Directory ETL runner; this tool executes all steps in sequence and produces a single dataset.

All ETL modules used in the NYC Space/Time Directory can be found on GitHub.


NYC Space/Time Directory Dataset.

A single Dataset is produced by running a ETL module, and are published in the Data section of the NYC Space/Time Directory homepage.

A Dataset contains of at least the following files:

File Description
datapackage.json Data Package, describing the dataset’s sources and files
<dataset>.objects.ndjson Newline delimited JSON file with the dataset’s Objects
<dataset>.relations.ndjson Newline delimited JSON file with the dataset’s Relations


NYC Space/Time Directory Object.

JSON Schema: objects.schema.json

All Objects must at least contain the id and type fields. The optional data field contains dataset-specific Object data, which conforms to the JSON Schema in the schema property of the JSON dataset descriptor file (e.g. nyc-streets.dataset.json).


  "id": "1157-west-138th-street",
  "name": "West 138th Street",
  "type": "st:Street",
  "validSince": 1893,
  "validUntil": 1893,
  "data": {
    "layerId": "1157",
    "borough": "Manhattan",
    "originalName": "West 138th Street"
  "geometry": {
    "type": "LineString",
    "coordinates": [


Directional relationship between two NYC Space/Time Directory Objects.

JSON Schema: relations.schema.json

All Relations must contain the from, to and type fields. Internal Relations (within a dataset itself) are created by using the Object ID in the from or to field; to link an Object from one dataset to an Object from another dataset, prepend the ID of the Object in the other dataset with its dataset ID.


  "from": "1157-west-137th-street",
  "to": "mapwarper/layer-1157",
  "type": "st:in"

Usage & Installation

From Node.js

First, install spacetime-schemas:

npm install -g nypl-spacetime/spacetime-schemas

Then, you can access the JSON Schemas as follows:

const schemas = require('spacetime-schemas')

// JSON schema for Objects

// JSON schema for Relations

// JSON schema for Dataset

From the command line

First, install spacetime-schemas:

npm install -g nypl-spacetime/spacetime-schemas

Running the modules will print all the JSON Schemas in your terminal:


See Also


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