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This is the ember web client for Most of the components and styles are provided by the nypr-design-system.


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.


  • git clone this repository
  • cd gothamist-web-client
  • yarn install

Running / Development

ember-cli-mirage is disabled by default, but you run a local dev server with the following:

$ MIRAGE=1 ember serve

It can be MIRAGE=<any truthy value> to start enable mirage with that local server instance.

Running Tests

  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • yarn lint:hbs
  • yarn lint:js
  • yarn lint:js --fix


  • ember build (development)
  • ember build --environment production (production)


Deployments are handled by ember-cli-deploy and associated plugins. Commits are pushed to our CircleCI account, where tests are run every time. CircleCI will also run deployments.

Commits to master (and merged pull requests) will deploy to

Branches that follow the pattern /[A-Za-z-_]+\/[A-Za-z-_\d]+/ will deploy a QA build. You can read more on QA builds here.

Manual Static Deploys

The ember app can be deployed locally by running ember deploy [deploy target], where [deploy target] is one of:

  • demo
  • prod

It will build with any values specified in your .env file, so make sure it's got the correct values for your target environment.

Further Reading / Useful Links


The production/demo fastboot clients sit behind an Nginx reverse proxy. Nginx runs alongside the fastboot application within the same container. Both processes are managed by supervisord. The supervisord config is nginx/supervisord.conf.

Nginx handles a series of legacy re-redirects ported from the pre-NYPR frontend Apache config. These can be found in nginx/nginx.conf.

Nginx also provides a 1s cache to rate-limit requests to the fastboot app, this should help relieve the 'thundering herd' effect caused by cache invalidation.

A set of tests for Nginx rules is available in scripts/ To run the tests: build the Docker image and run the script from a container.

docker build -t gothamist-web-client .
docker run gothamist-web-client ./scripts/


store.queryRecord('article') throws a 404

Use queryRecord to retrieve a piece of primary content, such as for an article detail view. The presumption in this case is that browser URL contains a piece of uniquely identifying information, like a slug or an id.

Under these circumstances, the semantics dictate that the adapter should throw a DS.NotFoundError if the the network request returns a response perceived as empty, and the application will render a 404 page.

If you want to make a request that can return empty without rendering a 404 page, use the query method on the store. The API is exactly the same, except the returned value will always be a list.

Newsletter Signups

Use the opt-in service to subscribe people to mailchimp newsletters. The subscribe end point is described here.

link-to params

link-to components that are nested within the design system have been built to accept a params array instead of the conventional positional params, e.g.

{{#link-to 'article' 'my-article-identifier'}}`
  My Article

link-to components accept a params argument that is an array of values identical to the positional params, so most link-to invocations look like this: {{link-to params=@params}}, where @params is usually passed in like so:

  @routeParams={{array 'article' 'my-article-identifier'}}

This syntax also accepts query params, but with slightly more plumbing involved:

  @routeParams={{array 'article' 'my-article-identifier' (hash isQueryParams=true values=(hash to='comments'))}}

The link-to component looks for isQueyParams on the final value in the @params array, and then uses whatever is at the values key to construct query params for the link. It's weird, but it works!

twitter embeds

The twitter embed script is included on the index page. It seems to allow for better async handling of rendering embedded tweets.

pattern lab

Pattern lab styles are built by the pattern lab repo at []. When a new release is cut, the CSS is compiled and shipped to prod infra for the gothamist web client.

The pattern-lab-styles in repo addon controls the path to the styles included in the index file.

  • When deploying, the path is root-relative
  • When in development, the path is absolute to SouthLeft's staging server
  • When LOCAL_STYLES is set in .env, the path is to a local pattern lab server, set to point to localhost:8020
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