Provides analytical data on New York Senate websites and social media usage.
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Analytics is a small scripted project to gather data from various websites and services for stats pertaining to and the social media accounts of senators.


  • Maven - mvn2 required.
  • Java - java7 preferred, java6 compatible


  • Clone the repository
  • Run bin/ to do a local maven install various dependencies
  • Copy analytics.ini.example to analytics.ini and fill in the blanks
  • mvn clean package
  • Run bin/ analytics.ini once a month

How it works

Analytics uses the API to gather the social media links for all of our current senators. It then uses the various social media APIs to get stats on their accounts. Livestream channels are gathered from the INI file and google analytics reports are configured via their respective INI sections.

The Excel Workbook is compiled in two steps. In the first step, each individual worksheet is generated as a standalone CSV file in the "scatch" folder. In the second step, each of these sheets is combined into a single workbook. This workbook is then emailed to the configured recipients automatically.

Misc. Notes

  • For various bad reasons you need to make the scratch and scratch/GA folders manually before running*