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$Id: INSTALL.txt,v 2009/10/29 22:12:32 thehunmonkgroup Exp $
User Protect Module -- Installation Instructions
written by Chad Phillips: thehunmonkgroup at yahoo dot com
1. Place the entire folder in the /modules directory in a mulitsite folder, or
in the /sites/all/modules directory.
2. Enable the module at administer -> site building -> modules.
3. Visit administer -> user management -> access control, and grant users
permissions to administer the module.
4. Visit administer -> user management -> userprotect to set up the module.
See the help located at administer -> help -> userprotect for details
on how to properly configure the module for your needs.
5. Protection by roles takes effect immediately for all users that belong to
the role. Individual user protections override the role protections for
the given user.
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