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Constituent Relationship Management application, based on the CiviCRM open source CRM. Bluebird allows New York State Senators to interact more effectively with their constituents.

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Welcome to BluebirdCRM, the evolution of legislative CRM!

Rayogram Team
  Kyle Jaster
  Joseph Lacey
  Sacha Stanton - 917-686-4933
  Craig Winkelman
CiviCRM Team
  Dave Greenberg
  Donald Lobo
  Brian Shaughnessy - 518-894-9214

New York Senate Team
  Jason Biernacki - 518-455-2120
  Krista Brenner - 212-298-5522
  Dean Hill - 518-455-2988
  Andrew Hoppin - 212-298-5531
  Bill Loss - 518-455-2671
  Kim Sierzega - 518-455-7326
  Ken Zalewski - 518-455-2912 

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