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Constituent Relationship Management application, based on the CiviCRM open source CRM. Bluebird allows New York State Senators to interact more effectively with their constituents.

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Welcome to BluebirdCRM, the evolution of legislative CRM!

New York State Senate Development Team
  Ken Zalewski (tech lead) -,
  Dean Hill (project manager) -
  Graylin Kim (programmer) -
  Stefan Crain (programmer) -
  Ash Islam (programmer) -

CiviCRM Core Development Team
  Dave Greenberg (tech lead) -
  Donald Lobo (tech lead) -
  Brian Shaughnessy (consultant) -
  Yashodha Chaku -
  Kurund Jalmi -
  Rajan Mayekar -
  Deepak Srivastava -

Past contributors:

Rayogram Development Team
  Kyle Jaster (user interface) -
  Sacha Stanton (database/back-end) -
  Craig Winkelman (project management) -
NY Senate
  Jared Williams (programmer) -
  Andrew Vehlies (programmer) -
  Dan Pozzie (programmer) -

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