JGeocoder is a free, open source geocoder implemented in Java. It assigns geocoordinates to postal addresses using the Federal Census Bureau's TIGER/Line data. It was abandoned by Jay Liang in 2008 and resurrected by the New York State Senate in late 2012.
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JGeocoder is a free, open source geocoder implemented in Java.


There are 2 projects:

  • jgeocoder performs all the geocoding functionality.
  • Jgeocoder-import is only used to import data from a csv (called tiger_main.csv, stored in the same folder all the jgeocoder-import code is) into an H2 database

Install Groovy


Install a database.

We used H2 version 1.3.168; you'll need the same version. Download it and add it to your classpath:


You can use something else by just changing a bit of code in import_tiger_main.groovy in jgeocoder-import, and H2DbDataSourceFactory.java in jgeocoder.

Download the Data

Go to ftp://ftp2.census.gov/geo/tiger/TIGER2011/ADDRFEAT/ and download all the files address feature files you are interested in. Files for the state of NY all start with 36 and are in the range 36001-36123. Other states will follow a similar pattern. Extract all the files into their own folders, stored in one parent folder.

Convert the Shape Files

Install Python and the pyshp library: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyshp

Edit convertShapefile.py:93, setting the outputFile to the directory that contains the jgeocoder-import/src/main/groovy/import_tiger_main.groovy file.

Edit import_tiger_main.groovy, specifying where you want to save your database.

Run groovy import_tiger_main.groovy from the directory that contains the jgeocoder-import/src/main/groovy/import_tiger_main.groovy file

Edit the H2DbDataSourceFactory.java to reflect where the H2 database is stored, on the line config.setTigerDataSource(H2DbDataSourceFactory.getH2DbDataSource(

Running a Test

Save the Data folder containing the three JDB files somewhere on your harddrive, and specify its location in BobbysTest.java

Run BobbysTest.java