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Open-Source Software & Software Licenses
In order to make the Senate's information and software as public as
possible, it is has adopted unique system using two types of licenses -
GNU General Public License as well as the BSD License. This system is
meant to ensure the most public licence is used in each specific case
such that:
(i) Any Software released containing components with preexisting GPL
copyrights must be released pursuant to a GPL v3 copyright restriction.
(ii) Any Software created independently by the Senate without any
preexisting licensing restrictions on any of its components shall be
released under dual licensing and take one of two forms: (a) a BSD
license, or (b) a GPL v3 license. The ultimate user of such Software
shall choose which form of licensing makes the most sense for his or her
(iii) Regarding Software containing preexisting copyright restrictions
other than GPL, the CIO shall make the determination how he or she
wishes to release such Software.
GPL v3: