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+Today we are releasing the beta version of the New York State Senate mobile app. This is the first mobile app released by a State Legislature. This app brings the functionality of the site and the Open Legislation service to users on the go, no matter where they are. From finding your Senator using your current GPS location, to searching legislation or session transcripts, to watching Senate session video from just hours ago, citizens of New York State are now just a tap away from their legislature.
+Read the announcement here:
+This application was developed using the Appcelerator Titanium framework which can be downloaded here:
+Titanium is a cross-platform Javascript-to-Native binding approach to mobile development, which produces highly usable, well performing native mobile applications from one central Javascript application source source. The Javascript code is fully compliant, standards-based scripting, though the application APIs are proprietary to the Titanium platform. However, Appcelerator has open-sourced their code base, which was sufficient for us to choose their platform on which to build our application.
+We are also big supporters of pure HTML5+CSS mobile applications, but for now, this is the approach we have taken, and we hope you find value in our source code.
+Stuff our legal folk make us say:
+Appcelerator, Appcelerator Titanium and associated marks and logos are
+trademarks of Appcelerator, Inc.
+Titanium is Copyright (c) 2009-2010 by Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
+Titanium is licensed under the Apache Public License (Version 2). Please
+see the LICENSE file for the full license.
+In order to make the Senate's information and software as public as
+possible, it is has adopted unique system using two types of licenses -
+GNU General Public License as well as the BSD License. This system is
+meant to ensure the most public licence is used in each specific case
+such that:
+(i) Any Software released containing components with preexisting GPL
+copyrights must be released pursuant to a GPL v3 copyright restriction.
+(ii) Any Software created independently by the Senate without any
+preexisting licensing restrictions on any of its components shall be
+released under dual licensing and take one of two forms: (a) a BSD
+license, or (b) a GPL v3 license. The ultimate user of such Software
+shall choose which form of licensing makes the most sense for his or her
+(iii) Regarding Software containing preexisting copyright restrictions
+other than GPL, the CIO shall make the determination how he or she
+wishes to release such Software.
+GPL v3:

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