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`From the New York State Senate`
Dual BSD/GPL License. See the NYSenate `licensing page`_.
This is the Java Web app project for the open-source legislative access system developed by the NY Senate beginning in 2009. It provides both a HTML-based browser and search interface, as well as XML and JSON-based RESTful APIs. It has been running live on for about 2 years now on our `legislation page`_ and is also used internally to support several applications.
Developers looking to use the API can consult our `API Documentation`_ for more information or contact us on the NYSenate Developers `mailing list`_ or in #nyss_openlegislation channel on `FreeNode`_ (IRC).
.. _API Documentation:
.. _legislation page:
.. _FreeNode:
.. _mailing list:
.. _licensing page:
Current Senate Developers
* Ken Zalewski <>
* Graylin Kim <>
Past Developers
* Nathan Freitas <>
* Jared Williams <>
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