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+Open-Source Software & Software Licenses
+In order to make the Senate's information and software as public as possible, it is has adopted unique system using two types of licenses - GNU General Public License as well as the BSD License. This system is meant to ensure the most public licsence is used in each specific case such that:
+(i) Any Software released containing components with preexisting GPL copyrights must be released pursuant to a GPL v3 copyright restriction.
+(ii) Any Software created independently by the Senate without any preexisting licensing restrictions on any of its components shall be released under dual licensing and take one of two forms: (a) a BSD license, or (b) a GPL v3 license. The ultimate user of such Software shall choose which form of licensing makes the most sense for his or her project.
+(iii) Regarding Software containing preexisting copyright restrictions other than GPL, the CIO shall make the determination how he or she wishes to release such Software.
+GPL v3:
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+New York State Senate Open Legislation
+IRC: #nyss_openlegislation on freenode
+This is the Java Web app project for the open-source legislative access system developed
+by the NY Senate CIO Team beginning in 2009. It provides both a highly usable HTML-based
+browser and seach interface, as well as XML and JSON-based RESTful APIs.
+ Nathan Freitas <>
+ Jared Williams <>
+ Graylin Kim <>
+Production Homepage:
+ See license file or

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