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Copyright 2021 by The New York Times Company
In light of the current public health emergency, The New York Times Company is
providing this database under the following free-of-cost, perpetual,
non-exclusive license. Anyone may copy, distribute, and display the database, or
any part thereof, and make derivative works based on it, provided (a) any such
use is for non-commercial purposes only and (b) credit is given to The New York
Times in any public display of the database, in any publication derived in part
or in full from the database, and in any other public use of the data contained
in or derived from the database.
By accessing or copying any part of the database, the user accepts the terms of
this license. Anyone seeking to use the database for other purposes is required
to contact The New York Times Company at to obtain
The New York Times has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the
information. However, the database may contain typographic errors or
inaccuracies and may not be complete or current at any given time. Licensees
further agree to assume all liability for any claims that may arise from or
relate in any way to their use of the database and to hold The New York Times
Company harmless from any such claims.