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wh-deploilerplate 🚀

This template includes several files for testing, building, and deploying a Jekyll site via GitHub FTP action to any server.

For NYU-DSS, this will generally be to an NYU Web Hosting server, e.g., with CPanel.
This can be adapted to use any static site generator; you'll just need to change the dependencies installed in actions and replace the rake tasks with your runner of choice.

stop motion paper animation of a purple hand pressing a red button labeled "deploy"


  • Ability to create and manage FTP accounts on your target server
  • Ability to create a new GitHub repo from this template
  • A static site. This template is geared towards Jekyll
  • Permissions to run GitHub actions and manage repo secrets

Repo Tour

File(s) Purpose
Gemfile specifies the Ruby dependencies. add to / change these for your purpose.
Rakefile specifies the test, build, and reset tasks.
src contains the demo jekyll site. replace this with your own site's source content.
.github/workflows/deploy.yml defines the steps and conditions for deploymentexecuted by GitHub actions
.github/workflows/test.yml defines the steps and conditions for testingexecuted by GitHub actions


Use and tweak this template

  1. Click the "Use this Template" button above.
  2. Rename it to the name of the site you'll be working with.
  3. Replace the src directory with your own site's content and _config.yml with your own site's config.
  4. Add any addtional project-specific dependencies to the Gemfile.

Create FTP deploy account on target host

  1. Log in to your dashboard and navigate to the “FTP Accounts” tab under “Files.” image of cpanel UI with FTP Accounts highlighted

  2. Create a special FTP account just for deployments. Under “directory” put public_html. If you want the site to be in a subdirectory from the root URL (e.g., “”), enter the subdirectory after public_html with no trailing slash (e.g., public_html/my-site). More info available here.

    CPanel UI webform labeled 'Add an FTP Account'

Add FTP secrets to GitHub repo

Enable and run the actions


template for automating jekyll deploys with ftp and github actions 🚀