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[DEPRECATED] Repo for exploring multi-task learning approaches to learning sentence representations

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GLUE Baselines

This repo contains the code for baselines for the Generalized Language Understanding Evaluation (GLUE) benchmark. See our paper for more details about GLUE or the baselines.

Deprecation Warning

Use this code to reproduce our baselines. If you want code to use as a starting point for new development, though, we strongly recommend using jiant instead—it's a much more extensive and much better-documented toolkit built around the same goals.


Make sure you have installed the packages listed in environment.yml. When listed, specific particular package versions are required. If you use conda, you can create an environment from this package with the following command:

conda env create -f environment.yml

Note: The version of AllenNLP available on pip may not be compatible with PyTorch 0.4, in which we recommend installing from source.

Downloading GLUE

We provide a convenience python script for downloading all GLUE data and standard splits.

python --data_dir glue_data --tasks all

After downloading GLUE, point PATH_PREFIX in src/ to the directory containing the data.

If you are blocked from (as may be the case in China), downloading MRPC will fail, instead you can run the command below:

git clone
python --data_dir glue_data --tasks all --path_to_mrpc=paraphrase_identification/dataset/msr-paraphrase-corpus


To run our baselines, use src/ Because preprocessing is expensive (particularly for ELMo) and we often want to run multiple experiments using the same preprocessing, we use an argument --exp_dir for sharing preprocessing between experiments. We use argument --run_dir to save information specific to a particular run, with run_dir usually nested within exp_dir.

python --exp_dir EXP_DIR --run_dir RUN_DIR --train_tasks all --word_embs_file PATH_TO_GLOVE

NB: The version of AllenNLP used has issues with tensorboard. You may need to substitute calls from tensorboard import SummaryWriter to from tensorboardX import SummaryWriter in your AllenNLP source files.

GloVe, CoVe, and ELMo

Many of our models make use of GloVe pretrained word embeddings, in particular the 300-dimensional, 840B version. To use GloVe vectors, download and extract the relevant files and set word_embs_file to the GloVe file. To learn embeddings from scratch, set --glove to 0.

We use the CoVe implementation provided here. To use CoVe, clone the repo and fill in PATH_TO_COVE in src/ and set --cove to 1.

We use the ELMo implementation provided by AllenNLP. To use ELMo, set --elmo to 1. To use ELMo without GloVe, additionally set --elmo_no_glove to 1.


If you use this code or GLUE, please consider citing us.

     title={{GLUE}: A Multi-Task Benchmark and Analysis Platform for
             Natural Language Understanding}
     author={Wang, Alex and Singh, Amanpreet and Michael, Julian and Hill,
             Felix and Levy, Omer and Bowman, Samuel R.}
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Feel free to contact alexwang at with any questions or comments.