Boilerplates to easy start up a Django project
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Boilerplate for initializing a new Django project

It contains several start-up files and an empty Django project.

Replace all instances of string PROJECT with the actual project name.

Fork me and customize it to fit your needs.

Directory setup

I use the following directory setup pattern for my projects.

  • Every site is bound to a directory given by its domain name, e.g. /usr/local/www/webroot/DOMAIN/.

  • Each environment (staging, production) has a separate folder below it, e.g. /usr/local/www/webroot/DOMAIN/ENVIRONMENT/.

  • The create_directory_structure Fab command creates folders log, site, site.git and virtualenv for each environment. Web server and application log files are to be put in log. Folder site.git is a bare repository to push changes to, and then under site it is pulled. The site contains everything related to the website (application code, media, configuration files, etc.).

  • All the startup-up files and templates this boilerplate provides go directly in site. Django based codes (settings module, urls module, project-specific applications) are placed in folder PROJECT. Python packages that cannot be installed via PyPI are to be hosted under site-packages. As for git, they can be commited as submodules in the main repository.

  • Fab command bootstrap initializes the directory setup described so far.