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Detect simple voice commands and audio events on small embedded sytems

Nyumaya offline audio classification. Libraries are avialable for Linux, WASM and RaspberryPi.

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To run an example

git clone --depth 1
cd nyumaya_audio_recognition/examples/python

The python demo captures audio from the default alsa microphone.

Web Demo

A web demo is available here. This has been tested with recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Performance V3.0

  • Pi Zero: CPU 55%
  • Pi 3: CPU one core: 12%
  • Pi 4: CPU one core: 4%

Free models:

  • Marvin Hotword
  • Sheila Hotword
  • Firefox Hotword
  • Alexa Hotword
  • View Glass Hotword


Models and the Library are Versioned with <major>.<minor>.<revision> Models must match the <major>.<minor> version of the library to be compatible.


The sensitivity parameter is a tradeoff between accuracy and false positives. Setting the sensitivity to a high value means it's easier to trigger the hotword. If you experience a lot of false detections, set the sensitivity to a lower value.

Audio Config

You can run the audio_check script to get some info about your volume level and possible DC-Offset. Speak as loud as the maximum expected volume will be.


Chaining Commands

The is a demo of how to chain commands. You can add commands with a list of words and function to call when the command is detected.


Be aware that CPU usage increases a little bit when multiple models have to run concurrently. I this case the software has to run the marvin_model (marvin) and the subset_model (stop) at the same time.


Custom Keywords:

Custom Keywords can be requested for evalutaion and commercial use here

Custom Targets:

Libraries for other targets can be requested for commercial customers.