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BMSC-GA 4493 Deep Learning in Medicine - Spring 2019
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HW1 Added HW1 solutions Mar 13, 2019
HW2 Q2.1.a: single layer MLP specification is added, Q2.2.b: type fixed Mar 10, 2019
lab1 lab1 installation and demo Jan 31, 2019
lab2 Lab 2 solution Feb 8, 2019
lab3 Add complete lab 3 Feb 15, 2019
lab5 Added Lab5 solutions Mar 28, 2019
lab6 Add lab6 solutions Apr 4, 2019
lab7 add lab7 solutions Apr 4, 2019
lab8 add lab8 solutions Apr 11, 2019
lab9 Added lab9 Apr 18, 2019 first commit Jan 30, 2019


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