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The Lambda Calculator

These documents provide some basic exercises to get you started. Just download any of the files above (or copy and save the text to a blank text file of your choosing). Then run the Lambda Calculator, select Open from the Menu Bar, and open the exercise file you saved.

You can also download a zip of all of the sample exercise files here:

If you are an instructor, email us, and we will be happy to send you more exercise files. And if you write exercise files yourself, please consider sending them to us so we can share them here.

Basic Examples

File Description
Examples of 'semantic types' and 'lambda conversion' exercises
Examples of bottom-up tree derivation exercises
Examples of using bottom-up tree derivations with generalized
quantifiers (including set notation)

Exercises from Heim and Kratzer

These files recreate the exercises from Heim and Kratzer's Semantics in Generative Grammar:

File Description
Ch. 3 -- Semantics and Syntax
Ch. 4 -- More of English: Nonverbal Predicates, Modifiers,
Definite Descriptions
Ch. 5 -- Relative Clauses, Variables, Variable Binding
Ch. 6 -- Quantifiers: Their Semantic Type
Ch. 7 -- Quantification and Grammar
Ch. 8 -- Syntactic and Semantic Constraints on Quantifier Movement

More Fragments for Natural Language Semantics

File Description
Companion file to Beck 2010 (S&P), Quantifiers in Than-Clauses,
Champollion 2010 - Quantification and negation in event semantics
Lucas Champollion's dissertation proposal, Jan 19, 2009
Companion file to "Chinese dou and cumulative quantification"
(Yanyan Sui and Lucas Champollion, MACSIM poster presentation 2010)
--- Lucas Champollion, Apr 6 2010
Cresswell 1976 adapted
Implementation of Gronn and von Stechow 2009
Martin Hackl thesis
Presentation on the lexical semantics of "believe" using a doxastic
alternative relation - (c) 2009 Mats Rooth
Kennedy 97 thesis (without the chapter on degrees-as-extents)
Angelika Kratzer, Ch. 2 of The Event Argument and the Semantics
of Verbs
Landman 2000, Ch. 2
Landman 2000, Ch. 5
Landman 2000, Ch. 6
Cecile Meier, Embedded definites. In R. van Rooy, ed.,
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Amsterdam Colloquium, 163–168.
Exercise on quantifiers in subject and object position
Problem set on reflexivization, event semantics, and relative clauses
Stechow Ealing 2008 handout
A. von Stechow. Temporal prepositional phrases with quantifiers:
Some additions to Pratt and Francez.
Linguistics and Philosophy, 25:755–800, 2002
Variable-free semantics, Jacobson 1999, Jacobson 2000,
Kubota and Uegaki 2011
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