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retrieve information via O365 with a valid cred
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script to retrieve information via O365 with a valid cred


For most people, you will just have to install the MsOnline module

Install-Module MSOnline

If you want to use the commented out Azure stuff, you will have to install AzureAD

Install-Module -Name AzureAD

usage (updated: 1/5/2019)

Now, with FLAGS! By default, will grab all data.

-U               Get Userlist
-users_detailed  Get detailed information for each user
-users_ldap      Pull down user list in ldap style format
-G               Get Group list
-M               Get Group Membership
-D               Get Domain list
-C               Get Company info

-all             Do simple enum - like enum4linux (-U -G -M -D -C). This is run if no other options are selected.
-outputfile      Output file prefix
Example Usage:

.\o365recon.ps1 -outputfile TEST_OUTPUT

No parameters are required to run. It will prompt you to log in, and then it will retrieve all information it can about that account's O365 configuration.


  • Company Info (address, etc)
  • Domain Info (other domains)
  • Full user list
  • Full group list
  • Group membership for every group

You'll see that the code for the Azure version is commented out, but it can be swapped in if you prefer that method.

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