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The source code for the Social Investment Analytical Layer is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 licence. By contributing source code to the Social Investment Analytical Layer you are agreeing to license your contributions under and on the terms of the GNU GPLv3 licence Please note that your licence is irrevocable and royalty-free. You or your licensors retain any copyright in your contributions while allowing others to re-use the source code in any way they like as long as they meet the requirements of the licence.

Security Issues

Please don't file security issues in the bug tracker or publicly disclose them without first contacting us.

Checklist for reporting

  • Don't disclose the issue publicly

  • Document the issue to help us understand how to fix it

  • Report the security issue to us directly via

  • Be professional and clear in your communications

  • Wait to hear back from us

  • Provide any follow up information if requested to help resolve the issue

  • Work with us on timing and publishing of the security issue