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Simple Bitcoin price alerts is a simple Bitcoin price notification app. You can use a fully hosted version of the app at for free forever. If you want to host your own, though, I've made the source available in this repo.

Example Notification:

Email Preview

Setup instructions (local)
  • Run 'bundle install'
  • Set development database credentials in config/database.yml
  • Run 'bundle exec rake db:migrate'
  • Go to config/secrets.yml and set values for the following keys
    • secret_key_base
    • devise_secret (any secure random string just like secret_key_base)
    • mail_intercept_address (address to which you want all emails routed in development)
    • smtp_address (ex.,, etc)
    • smtp_domain (domain for the above)
    • smtp_user_name (ex '')
    • smtp_password (the password for the above account)
  • run 'bundle exec whenever --update-crontab btcpingme'

Note that price lookups and notification email delivery happen within the rake task "send_alerts". If you invoke 'whenever' as indicated above your crontab will be given an entry to run this rake task (on whatever schedule you indicate in config/schedule.rb)


Below you'll find some images of the app.


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