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A simple twitter mass-follow script
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api_credentials.rb a simple twitter mass-follow script
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A Twitter mass-following script

A dead simple little script to mass follow Twitter users whose account names match a given search term. Please don't use it for evil.

You'll need to have API credentails to use the script. Go to and register an application (fictitious or otherwise). Make sure the application has read/write access.

Open api_credentials.rb and populate the 4 API credential fields with the appropriate values.

The script accepts 3 parameters (2 are optional). The required parameter is your search term. This must be preceded with the "-t" flag. The Twitter API paginates user search results, and the script therefore also accepts -s/--start and -m/--max-pages options which indicate, respectively, the page of results to start on and the maximum number of pages to iterate over. There are 10 users to a page so if I wanted to follow the first 100 users matching the term "disco", I'd run the script with the following options:

ruby mass_follow.rb -t disco -s 0 -m 10

Dependencies: this script depends on the twitter ruby gem v 2.5.0 (

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