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alexo commented May 5, 2010

Hi Nicholas!
I have a couple of requests related to cssembed library:

  1. Could you expose the following method in DataURIGenerator:
    public static void generate(final InputStream is, final Writer out, final String mimeType)
  2. Could you add your library to maven public repo & also use maven as a building tool (it is one of the requirements). This is the link describing how this can be done:

I want to add your library as a dependency to my open source project ( Until it is not availble publicly, I add the cssembed sources into the core of wro4j project. I would preffer having external dependency instead of copying the sources manually and tweak them.

Please, let me know what you think.
Thank you very much!

Alex Objelean


nzakas commented May 5, 2010

I'll take a look at #1. I can't make any promises about #2. I'm not familiar with Maven and really don't have any plans to switch to it.

alexo commented May 6, 2010

There is nothing complex with it. I could help you with 'mavenizing' the project. The main advantage of #2 is to make your library easily accessible as a public dependency. Maven is a great tool for building projects and helps adopting them much faster.


nzakas commented May 6, 2010

I'm not concerned about complexity, just about the time I'd need to take to ensure everything is working (time is something I don't have right now). If you'd like to take a shot, go ahead and fork the project and make the changes you think need to be made. Then, let me know and I can take a look.

alexo commented May 10, 2010

Hi Nicholas! Thank you for your reply! I have decided to borrow the DataUriGenerator class implementation into my project. It is not that complex after all. It is already available in the latest release of my open source project - wro4j: . The issue referring to your project is this:
Thank you for your contribution, it saved me a lot of time!

+1 for this request.
I prepared a pom.xml maven definition which solves half of the problem.

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""



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