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A little utility to help run commands automatically when files or directories change.
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Rebuild is a simple utility that does just one thing: it watches one or more files or directories for changes and runs a command when they change. That's it. It's intended to be used with command line build systems, but you can't really use it for anything.


npm install rebuild -g


Specify any number of files or directories using -w or --watch. Then just include whatever command you want to run. For example, if you just want to run ls whenever files in the tmp directory change, you would do this:

rebuild -w tmp ls

The directory is resolved based on the current working directory for both the files and directories to watch and the command to run. Other examples:

# Run "ant test" when the files in src change
rebuild -w src ant test

# Automatically check in files in src and docs when they change
rebuild -w src -w docs git commit -am "Just wanted to check these in"
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